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An Ant - Learn to Read

Home School Version

   Page 71 Read by Emma
Phonics Curriculum - Learn to Read

Title: An Ant - Learn to Read
Home School Version, Book 1

Author: Kallie Woods

LCCN: 2011924367
ISBN-13: 978-0-9832023-1-8
ISBN-10: 9832023-1-1
Soft Cover
Pages: 145
Price: $34.99
Illustrated in Full Color

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Young Children Learn to Read Quickly With New Phonics Program

Minneapolis, Mn.
Not long ago, phonics as a teaching method was nearly abandoned in the wake of memorization methods in the 1980s and 1990s.

Today, phonics is poised for a major comeback as parents and teachers abandon sheer memorization in favor of phonics or "balanced" programs that blend phonics with memorization.

Jennifer Weestrand, Lakeville, Mn. is teaching daughter Emma 4, to read using “An Ant - Learn to Read,” a new approach created by Kallie Woods.

Here’s the big difference: “An Ant” teaches with illustrated stories rather than traditional word lists.

“Emma is soooo proud that she is reading words!” says mom Jennifer. “She caught on much faster than I expected. My first reaction to this book was that the color and illustrations were incredible. I thought right away that it would be attractive to children and would keep their attention.”

Jennifer had been thinking about getting a jump-start on teaching Emma to read ever since she found out she would miss the cutoff to start Kindergarten by a matter of days.

“I didn’t want her getting bored in her second year of preschool, so I thought it would be great to start learning some Kindergarten concepts before she actually starts.”

A good reader herself, Jennifer felt confident in teaching Emma to read: “The book seemed like it would easily guide me as to where to start and what types of things to focus on in the beginning, and as we progressed further.”

Emma did not need any coaxing to try the book. Her mother explains, “Emma was very excited about trying the book and she really liked the pictures. When she knew she was doing a good job and getting the words right, she wanted to keep going and going! She asks to read from the book of anyone who hasn’t heard her read yet. She is very proud and very confident that she can do it, even getting to the point where she said, ‘Mommy, some of the words are EASY!’”

An Ant - Learn to Read, 145 pages, soft cover, $34.99 is available from The first few lessons from the beginning of the book may be downloaded free at the publisher’s web site:

Author Kallie Woods says, “Early literacy taught at home is very important today, as many schools still do not teach phonics. Kids who master phonics at a young age will retain this important skill for life.”