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An Ant
Learn to Read
Book 1

An Ant
Learn to Read
Book 2

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Learn to Read
With REAL Phonics, Book 2

Homeschool Version
For Beginning Readers

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Teach Your Child to Read with REAL Phonics

Book 2 Syllabus:

  • Review and reinforce topics from Book 1

  • Sound out words with the long vowels A, E, I, O and U.

  • Sound out words with the Book 1 consonants, plus W, P, K, J and Z.

  • Sound out words with ST, SM, DR, CK, SH, SW, ING, SL, OR, BL, SP and TR.

  • Learn the suffixes "es," "ed" and "ing."

  • Practice new words and sentences with the included writing worksheets.

    REAL Phonics reading lesson plans guide you every step of the way with Teacher's Notes included on each page, so you and your child can use the same book together. No prep time is required, just open the book and begin teaching!

    Cut-Out Flash Cards Included
    Writing Practice Pages Included

    Learn to Read | Free Phonics Lessons | Alphabet Worksheets | Alphabet Flashcards